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Frequently Asked Questions

     Are the sessions in person?

Mindful Relationships Therapy only provides telehealth (video or phone) sessions.  

How long are the sessions?

Individual sessions are typically 50min. Couples therapy sessions can range from 50min-75min. Extended sessions are recommended for couples therapy.

What population do you work with the most?

We specialize in working with clients who identify in a minority group, especially Asian American or children of immigrants. 

If my partner lives in another state, can we still meet via telehealth?

Yes! As long as you are both in either California, Texas, or Massachusetts,

we can see both of you together! 

How long does therapy take?

It can depend on each person's trauma and attachment history, therapy goals, and current internal and external resources. It can take anywhere from one session to several years of therapy. Some patterns have been embedded in our nervous system our entire life, so it makes sense that it could take years for our bodies and mind to change years of conditioning! 

Do you offer sliding scale?

Mindful Relationships Therapy provides sliding scale to individuals and couples who belong in minority groups and are unable to pay the full fee. 

How do I find a therapist that's the right fit?

Therapy can look and feel very different based on the therapist's personality and therapy modality they are using. At Mindful Relationships Therapy, we focus on getting to the root of your symptoms through mindfulness approaches, rather than just focusing on teaching coping and communication skills.


We encourage you to have initial free consultations with at least three different therapists to see who you feel the most comfortable with! 

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