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Therapy Session

Fostering Mindful Relationships

Individual Therapy

"Do you always find yourself getting into unhealthy relationship patterns?"
"Are your current ways of relating to yourself and others affected by your past relationships?" 
"Do anxiety or panic attacks affect your relationships and ability to live a satisfying, daily life?"

Trauma: physical, emotional, sexual, neglect

Relationship Issues 


"Have you or your partner experienced an affair?"
"Do you feel disconnected emotionally with your partner?"
"Do you feel like you have different values and expectations than your

partner based on your family/culture of origin?"

Trust Recovery 

Emotional Disconnection

Physical Intimacy

Sandy Beach

"Are you continuing to experience stress in your mind/body after a single or a series of traumatic incident(s)?"
"Have you experienced physical or emotional abuse by someone you love?"
"Have you experienced emotional neglect during your childhood?"

Trauma: physical, emotional, sexual, neglect

Family of origin Issues

Discrimination, bullying, microaggressions

"Are you needing support in preparing your relationship for a successful future?" 
"Are there some conversations needed to have to make sure you and your partner have the same expectations and values to have a long term commitment?"

Relationship Roles

Communication and Conflict Resolution

Parenting and Children

Financial Planning 

Sex and Intimacy 

Spirituality and Religion 

In-laws and Friends

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