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Multicultural Counseling

Have you experienced discrimination and microaggression for the way you look, sound, or behave?

Do you feel like you're not accepted or included? 

Did you or your family immigrate from a different country?

Do you have a sense of not belonging?

Do you identify as Asian American or multiracial/multicultural?

You're at the right place!

It is essential to consider how your presenting problems are influenced by the context of our culture and society. People who identify within a minority group often experience acute and chronic stressors as a response to the historical and intergenerational trauma that people in non-dominant groups have experienced in this country.


I am a daughter of an immigrant and grew up in Asia during my childhood, and moved to America in elementary school. Because of my own experiences, I'm inspired to provide a safe place for individuals and couples belonging to a minority group in America, especially those who identify as Asian American or child of immigrant caretakers.

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